I'm About To EXPLODE!

Overload! Anxiety! Frustration! Sickness! Disease! Rejection!

These are just a few of the destructive emotions and physical ailments we experience when we are full of life and refuse to open up and share it with the world. Our experiences in life are meant to share with others, yet we fail to do this based on shame, guilt and the need to portray a perfect persona. There are people struggling to survive day to day activities because they were not handed the proper tools needed to navigate life. So they suffer looking for the answers that you and I possess, but are afraid to release. No one is perfect in this world. We all make mistakes whether we choose to admit it or not. Your life story is someones saving grace and this is your time to SHARE! Sharing is Caring and there is someone waiting to hear from YOU!

Many times we are bamboozled into thinking our lives don't matter, but it does. We were each created for a specific reason and the foundation is to help others. If you have a story to tell, don't hesitate any longer. At Shekinah Glory Publishing our focus is telling the story, but we also focus on healing first. There are many individuals who write books, but never get the FULL benefit of writing a book. Becoming a published author is more than having your name on a book and making money. Its about healing and bleeding out those hurts and pains. It doesn't have to be personal or family related. It could very well be pains learned from a business venture or dealing with church drama. The key is healing for YOU, that will ultimately lead to healing for someone else.

If you are ready to take a leap of faith towards healing, that will help help heal someone else; don't hesitate to contact us www.shekinahglorypublishing.org. We are here and our motto is, "Where the Holy Spirit, BREATHES on YOUR words and brings them to LIFE!"

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