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Throughout my life I have always heard people say, "Silence is Golden!" I was raised by my grandparents who believed in secrets and keeping things on the down low. This taught me and those before me to suppress our true feelings and emotions. We were taught to live a lie and to pretend that life was not taking us on a roller coaster of emotions that could not be controlled. Suppressing the emotional torrent of trauma and drama had different effects on those who received the instructions. We didn't turn to people to disclose the truth, but we found solace in other things such as food, drugs, sex, alcohol, working and church. Putting a mask over our true emotions and hiding behind fake smiles and false realities became our normal. Living in a home that many looked upon as a grand mansion, but the residents knew the truth of what lied within the walls. Prisoners of our own realities. Mentally chained and handcuffed by pain. The warden sitting, watching, waiting for a reason to pounce off and spew his harsh words and lack of emotional love and support. The warden assistant stuck in the same web of insecurities and feeling inferior. Everyone in the home looking and searching for a way out. Anyway, with anyone, not caring to vet there emotional stability or means to provide. Let me out! Let me loose! By any means necessary! If I could fly, I would fly away to never return to bondage, because freedom is my portion. The time has come to open wide and shout to the rooftop of my very existence. I must AMPLIFY my spiritual vocal cords to release the pain that has weighed me down for over 40 years of my life. Seeing others before me lying in a dark, cold grave never allowing themselves to find freedom while it was day, because when night cometh no man can work. Sickness and disease became their portion because they held on to the lies and dysfunction that we were told to keep in the house. You know the classic cliche of, "What goes on here, stays in here." The foolish pride that causes many to internalize there deepest secrets. The dark pain of wanting to be free, but the mind won't allow you to be great. The visuals of a present reality that happened yesterday, makes it hard to think about a future that is bright and full of hope. The time has come to stop the lies and to stand in truth without being afraid to expose the devil for who he really is. Those who care not to express their truth, can die and never live, but today I choose to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God. This is my first amendment right that has been taken by those who should have taught me how to be free, and to evolve like a butterfly. Yet, I have been stuck in the cocoon and the metamorphosis hasn't completed its cycle. I am long overdue to break out and to fly and allow others to see the beauty of my wings as I flap around and the words of truth flow from my heart. I must speak the truth for those before me and free them from an eternal bondage brought on them by the foolishness of others. I must GIVE MY PAIN A VOICE and it will speak for me in the inner and the outer courts.

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