SGP  Online Plus Package 

At SGP we provide consultation to those authors who are considering self-publishing instead of the hustle and bustle of waiting on a long-shot book deal from traditional publishers. Traditional publishers own the rights to your books and will offer you little to no input on your publishing project. At SGP we stand with you through the process and allow you to have full ownership, input and authority over your book. 


If you have found the publishing process confusing and SGP  

We patiently explain the self-publishing options

We assist the author in making a publishing decision that will work for them 

We guide the author through the book publishing process

We assist with development and clarity of the book project objectives

We guide the author through the publishing process from beginning to end
We develop the author website design and social media needs

We develop the author marketing plan (Amazon, Kindle, Facebook, ect.)

We develop the author brand


SGP Package Includes: 

This package is for the author who is starting with nothing but an idea, journals, recordings, ect. 

Up to 45,000 Words

Client Consultation
Manuscript Editing 
Manuscript Formatting
Editorial Assessment
Manuscript Interior Design
Custom Cover 
ISBN Assignment
Worldwide Distribution
SGP Online Catalog
Kindle Ebook
Website - To Sell Book Online 
300 Promotional Postcards
Press Release
One Social media Platform
Standard Promotion Video
Free Chapter Download
Retractable Banner
15 Free Paperback Copies

Our SGP COMPLETE PACKAGE begins at $6899.00

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